Women’s History Month – Who do you look up to?

by Amy Gober, Executive Director

A world-class public speaker and cultural competency advocate who has spoken at Ivy-league institutions across the nation, including Harvard and Princeton, served on a global entrepreneurship panel for President Obama and hosted a reality television show. Her brilliance outshines her beauty, which, trust me, is a difficult feat.

A Doctor of Physical Therapy, published author and television host who was a cast member on the famous reality television series, Survivor. Her work-ethic and tenacity to strive for what she wants is inspiring.

A Physician’s Assistant, Award-Winning Irish Dancer and loving wife who has an incredibly endearing adoration for the elderly. Her kindness is so genuine; I doubt she’s ever made an enemy.

A successful business leader in the field of pharmaceutical sales, loving wife and mom of three beautiful children, who serves on the Board of Directors for a national nonprofit. Her ability to “do it all” and do it all well, including being a great confidant and friend, amazes me.

A former high school English teacher, loving wife, and stay-at-home hero (mom) of two beautiful kids. Her commitment to her friends and family is unmatched.

I got the chills as I wrote those descriptions. Those are snapshots of five of my dearest friends. They live all over the country, but I talk to all of them regularly. We are all in diverse phases of life, with a wide variety of aspirations and ambitions, and different journeys that brought us to where we are now. These are just five of the dozens of women in my life who are breaking the mold, personifying what it means to be an ambitious woman, and supporting other women on their journeys, all while conquering their own.

I appreciate that Women’s History Month challenges us to think about the women all throughout history who have made notable contributions and significant changes in societies and communities all over the world that have resulted in opportunities we as women experience today. Needless to say, the women we primarily associate with this month are those who have literally, changed the history books. These courageous and forward-thinking women undoubtedly deserve every moment of recognition they receive(d) for their impacts. However, regardless of our gender, I would imagine we can all name several women who have significantly impacted our personal history.

— To briefly address an ever-lurking question, do we need a specific month to recognize the great women (or men) in our lives? Absolutely not, but as fast paced as life has become in recent years, I would encourage us all to use memorial, awareness and celebratory days/weeks/months as a chance to give thanks, express support, and reflect on the past.

I could honestly write a book about all the women in my life who have significantly impacted me and my journey: my mother, grandmothers, aunts, friends, in-laws, teachers, mentors, coworkers, competitors and even my seven-month-old daughter. The list is ever-growing and ever-changing, for the better.

The five described above will recognize themselves, and please know, each of you impact my life, every day. You help me through life’s tough situations, whether through conversation and insight or through the example you set by being the incredible women you are; you inspire me to step out of my comfort zone with your courageous and fearless nature; you give me hope that I will make it through the infinite pile of laundry, stock the pantry, and eventually, sleep, or learn to live without it. The list is never-ending. Thank you all, for who you are, for me, for yourself, and for all those around you.

My challenge to readers:

Who deserves your recognition, and what life events deserve your reflection, as this year’s Women’s History Month concludes?

Secondly, whose list might you be on this time next year?

We have the awesome ability to impact the lives of those around us, every day. Whether it’s within our household, through our workplace, or as a mentor with Big Brothers Big Sisters, there is never a scarcity of opportunity to change someone’s life for the better.

I hope you’ve had an impactful, reflective, and inspiring Women’s History Month!

Always with love and care,
Amy Gober
Executive Director
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northwest Arkansas

Nonprofit executive, youth advocate, loving wife and mother to two babies under two, who greatly admires and appreciates all the strong and influential women making history every day. Her faith and passion for others inspires her to strive for a world where everyone is treated with the respect and kindness we all deserve. 

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  1. DeAnne
    Mar, 27, 2018

    Great words for thought. You are that strong woman making a difference in the world! Love you a lot!