Our Message to Prospective Fundraisers

We are so excited that you are considering hosting a fundraiser to benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northwest Arkansas!  Thank you!  Over the past year, supporters have held a number of benefit events for us including crayfish boils, cocktail parties, store openings, comedy shows and a Fine Art Show.  We are so very grateful for the community’s generous support of our youth mentoring programs!

In order to help us keep track of these various third-party events, we ask that the event planners keep Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northwest Arkansas (BBBS NWA) informed of your plans by completing a Fundraiser Planning Form, and we ask that you submit the Fundraiser Planning Form at least 6 weeks before the event date.  You will find the form down below.

In addition, in order to avoid misunderstandings, please review our following:

Third-Party Fundraiser Policies

  1. BBBS NWA does not provide funding, donor names or solicit sponsorship revenue for third-party fund-raising events although we are willing to discuss an exception with you. Unfortunately, due to our small staff size, we are very limited in our ability to provide volunteer support to your event. We are very willing to discuss your needs particularly if you are looking for expertise regarding the organization or mentoring programs.
  2. Please do not use the Big Brothers Big Sisters’ logos or name without first receiving written permission from the BBBS NWA Development Director or Executive Director. The event should not be promoted or announced until authorization has been given.
  3. At the very early planning stage, it is helpful if the BBBS NWA Development Director meets with the Event Planner to discuss in detail the event, and the support that BBBS NWA can provide in terms of social media marketing, etc.
  4. The BBBS NWA executive staff must review all event marketing material prior to its release. This includes printed and electronic materials. Promotional materials should clearly state how the donation will be used eg. “Proceeds from this event will benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters NWA and its youth mentoring programs.”
  5. We ask that the Event Planner provide BBBS NWA with a complete donor and sponsor listing including: the donor or sponsor’s name, full contact information, and donation amount. This listing should also include inkind donors and sponsors including item and item’s value.
  6. All monies raised should be submitted to BBBS NWA within 10 days of the event, and all financial information, donor and sponsor information should be submitted within 30 days.
  7. Of course, all fund-raising activities must comply with all Federal and State laws.



Third-Party Fundraiser Planning Form


Event Planner:  _______________________________________________

Contact Name: ________________________________________________

Mailing Address: ______________________________________________

City: ___________________________   State: ______   ZIP:  ___________

Home phone: _______________________   Alternate Phone: _____________________

E-mail Address:_______________________________________________

Name of Proposed Event: _______________________________________

Date(s): _____________________________________________________

Event Location/Address: _______________________________________


Briefly describe the event or program – Please include how it will be advertised, details of how funds will be raised, etc. (use separate sheet if needed):






Will alcohol be served? Please explain  _________________________________________




__________________________________________________________ Event Name

Proposed Event Budget


Donations                                                                                        $_________

Ticket Sales                                                                                     $_________

Live/Silent Auction                                                                       $_________

Other :__________________________                          $_________

Other :__________________________                          $_________

Other :__________________________                           $_________



Location/Venue …………………                                $_________

Food/Beverage ………………                                     $_________

Décor   ….                                                                       $_________

AV                                                                                    $_________

Printing (tickets, posters, etc)                                   $_________

Marketing & Advertising ……                                    $_________

Awards/Prizes ………………                                      $_________

Other :__________________________ ………                     $_________

Other :__________________________                                 $_________

Other :__________________________                                 $_________

      Total Income …………………………                 $_________      

      Total Expense……………………………            $_________      

      Net to BBBS NWA …………………                $_________


I acknowledge that I received a copy of Big Brothers Big Sisters NWA’s Third-Party Fundraiser Policies, and understand and agree to follow them.

__________________________________________________________ Signature

_________________________________________________________       _________________

Printed Name                                                                                                 Date


Please print the Planner form:

Third-Party Fundraiser Planner Form


Please keep one copy for your reference and return the signed original, with your Third-Party Fundraiser Planning Form to:

Big Brothers Big Sisters NWA- Sarah Van Vleck: 91 W. Colt Square, Suite 1, Fayetteville, Arkansas 72703




Questions?  Call Sarah Van Vleck at (479) 966-4366.  Thank you for your support!